The Longform #5: A sane analysis of Softbank's crazy business

The Longform #5: A sane analysis of Softbank's crazy business

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📖 Top longform articles

Masa Madness (~20min): Masayoshi Son is the billionaire CEO of Softbank, the brains behind the now infamous Vision Fund, and an unignorable juggernaut in the global technology and innovation space. Packy McCormick shares the incredible story of Masa's rise, then outlines a bull case, neutral case, and bear case on the future of the Softbank Group.

Why Goodreads is bad for books (~10min): With close to 100 million users, Goodreads is the world's largest reading community. And yet, it falls short of what it could be. Sarah Manavis explores why this is the case, and how a new wave of competition is challenging Goodreads for the throne.

💻 Top new technology

IFTTT Pro: "If This Then That" is one of the first integration platforms in the world, and just launched its first paid plan - IFTTT Pro. With more advanced functions (multiple actions, queries and conditional logic, and more), IFTTT Pro is more powerful, and with it's "pay what you want" subscription minimum of $2/mo, it is quite competitive on price too.

Similar: Integromat (visual whiteboard-style process designer, focused on individual users and SMBs), Zapier (very high breadth and depth of integrations, focused on businesses)

👀 Other interesting content

FounderPool: Founding a company is a highly undiversified bet - entrepreneurs dedicate years of their lives (foregoing stable income) to an idea that has a 90% chance of failure. FounderPool is looking to de-risk entrepreneurship by pooling startup equity - founders can exchange equity in their business for shares in a pool of multiple startups, diversifying their risk and joining a community of like-minded founders to exchange ideas and grow alongside with.

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