The Longform #10: The rise of jetpack entrepreneurship

The Longform #10: The rise of jetpack entrepreneurship

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πŸ“– Top longform articles

What's the Future of NYC Real Estate? (~25min): Several months ago, an NYC comedy club owner sparked a lively debate on the future of NYC with a LinkedIn article titled "NYC is Dead Forever - Here's Why", even eliciting a response from Jerry Seinfeld. Andrew Rice takes us out of the opinion column with his deep exploration of the city's real estate industry - both present and expected future - and what it means for the city more broadly.

⭐ Inside Gravity’s daring mission to make jetpacks a reality (~20min): For decades, jetpacks have been a mainstay in childhood dreams and sci-fi movies; however, thanks to Gravity Industries - they may soon see real-world use. Oliver Franklin-Wallis with WIRED walks us through the story of Richard Browning (founder/CEO) and the resurgence of jetpack entrepreneurship he helped spark.

πŸ’» Top new technology

⭐ Landscape: Describing itself as "Glassdoor for VC", Landscape is an anonymous review platform for founders to leave feedback on investors and accelerators they've been involved with, to help other founders make informed fundraising decisions. Landscape is currently mobile only, and thus far primarily focused on the European VC industry.

Similar: VC Guide (US-focused, publicly viewable and searchable reviews), The Funded (the "incumbent", founded in 2007), BookFace (private database for YC founders) and RateMyInvestor (also in beta)

PeerPull: A peer-to-peer expert network, PeerPull allows individuals to connect with other users either as an expert (offering advice) or a member (seeking advice). In exchange for time spent as an expert, individuals earn credits they can use to seek advice from others, thus taking money out of the expert network equation entirely. For example, a product management expert can earn credits by offering advice on product-related matters, then use those credits to help unblock other aspects of their own work.

πŸ‘€ Other interesting content

Oda: Oda is a set of beautiful wooden speakers connected to a private feed of live performances by artists from around the world. Performances are not archived and are only available through the Oda speakers. Between performances, the speakers stream a live broadcast of audio from somewhere in the world (or local music via Bluetooth / in-line cable, or nothing at all).

⭐ Letter: An open platform for conversations, Letter allows individuals to create a public exchange of written letters with a selected counterpart. Anyone can read, follow, and share these public letters, but only the initial writer and defined recipient of a letter can participate in the conversation.

Snif: Fragrances are incredibly difficult to sell online, and yet Snif is looking to do exactly that. By unifying the sampling and purchasing transaction into one, Snif makes it easy to try scents at home, keep the ones you like, and return the rest.

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