The Longform #2: The amazing solution for almost nothing

The Longform #2: The amazing solution for almost nothing

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šŸ“– Top longform articles

Four opportunities for legal industry innovators (~15min): The legal industry hasn't seen the rapid disruption observed in other staid industries such as insurance - Dan Currell shares his observations on where the opportunities lie today, drawing inspiration from Toyota's success in the auto industry.

ā­Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing (~15min): The promise of blockchain has not yet come to fruition, largely because it isn't obvious where it solves a unique problem that other tech can't. Jesse Frederik explores this further in a beginner-friendly way that doesn't require previous knowledge.

šŸ’» Top new technology

Cocoon: Like productivity / todo apps, messaging apps are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. Cocoon is looking to do something slightly different, logging activity into a memory archive, allowing users to share feeds of their real-life activity such as steps and location, and more. If not for the messaging app itself, it's worth a visit for their unique approach to pricing.

ā­Amie: Branding itself as a "joyful productivity app", Amie brings together your calendar and to-dos in a minimal, Superhuman-esque interface. With keyboard shortcuts galore and native time-blocking, it's set to stand apart from the crowd of personal productivity tools already on the market.

šŸ‘€ Other interesting content

Open Startup: Open startups are a relatively new phenomenon where companies share all their business metrics (revenues, users, etc.) publicly in the interest of transparency. This website, alongside Baremetric's version compiles known open startups and provides links to their metrics dashboards.

Xoogler School: Xoogler is a community of current and past Google employees, and they've recently launched an 8-week program for college students. With many students deferring a semester of college to ride out COVID, Xoogler School is looking to help fill the gap through ~9K current/past Googlers lending their time.

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