The Longform #1: The death of a smart city

The Longform #1: The death of a smart city

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šŸ“– Top longform articles

Apple, Epic, and the App Store (~15min): Epic Games is suing Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store for implementing its own payment processor and bypassing Apple's (which charges a 30% fee). Ben Thompson digs into the complete story, and its implications on Apple's software strategy.

ā­Death of a Smart City (~25min): Earlier this year, Sidewalk Labs pulled out of Toronto's harbourfront revitalization project, initially dubbed the world's first smart city. Brian Barth walks through the story in detail, explaining how grassroots resistance from the city (and a Canadian billionaire) pushed the company out.

šŸ’» Top new technology

ā­Grid: The office suites of the past are getting unbundled by specialized solutions for specific doc types, industries, and other slices. Rather than directly competing or attempting to replace Excel or Google Sheets, Grid creates an interactive interface over traditional spreadsheets that make them easier to play with and present the broader context of the data.

Similar: Causal (replacing the traditional modelling spreadsheet entirely), and Metabase (bringing complex data analytics like SQL queries to the masses)

šŸ‘€ Other interesting content A private community for young professionals offering personalized advice from executives, build relationships with others, and find new job opportunities. They'll charge $50/month and have 100+ users signed up so far; you can learn more on Tom Guthrie's announcement post.

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