The Longform is a weekly newsletter of the best longform pieces from around the web, with a focus on technology & innovation, and more broadly: the emerging trends that shape our future.

The goal is not to clog inboxes with yet another newsletter that immediately gets trashed/archived - emails will be brief, and focus on curation that keeps you opening the email week over week. If you really don't like email newsletters but are interested in keeping up-to-date, you can use an email-to-RSS system such as Kill the Newsletter, MyRSS, or Inoreader.

Between links to longform articles, new technologies, and other interesting content, The Longform will share between 4-10 links with you every week. Our hope is that at least one of them catches your eye, earns your click, and delivers excitement, insight, or delight.

How does it work?

Every Monday at 9am, a new post is published, with 3 sections:

  • Top longform articles (2-5 in each) - the best new pieces of detailed, insightful, and thoughtful writing on business, technology, and innovation
  • Top new technology (1-3 in each) - new software companies, open source products, and other major developments
  • Other related content (1-3 in each) - things that don't fit comfortably in the above two buckets but are still thematically relevant and interesting

Sometimes, we'll enrich these elements with asides: links to related articles for more information on a given topic, or to similar / alternative technology.

How is this unique?

There's already great resources dedicated to longform articles (eg. Longform.org and Longreads), as well as publications that consistently put out high-quality longform content (eg. The New Yorker, The Atlantic).

The focus on The Longform is curation - to take the content firehose and refine it into a manageable set of only the best from each week, with a specific focus on a narrower subject matter. The Longform will not...

  • Be timely with latest events: The Longform won't include the latest IPO filings, raises, etc.; thoughtful content can take a while to write so the subject matter will usually lag the headlines of most other publications.
  • Editorialize: The Longform won't add commentary to the content; only a sentence or two summarizing the content (sometimes with additional links for context) so you can decide if you want to click through.
  • Be paywall'd: The vast majority of the content linked on The Longform will be available to read in full, for free. Occasionally, we will link to sources that have a monthly limit to free reading (eg. NYT's 5 articles per month).

Who is behind The Longform?

Hemanth - I'm a VC Associate at Diagram, a venture studio in Montreal focused on healthcare, fintech, and proptech. To generate new ideas for our studio, I'm constantly reading about the world of business, technology, and innovation, and The Longform is a curation of the best few links I come across each week.

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